Does your staff wear a uniform? All of our staff wear formal black and white uniforms. Our staff is well trained, professional and courteous.

How long does it take to feed everyone? We use double sided buffets and in some cases two buffets allowing 4 sides total to allow your guests to be served in about 20 minutes. The buffet remains open for about an hour to allow your guests plenty of time for seconds!

What happens when extra people show up? You’re in luck! Because we are an experienced catering service we can always handle the unexpected! We can quickly set up that extra table or place setting and handle those surprise guests! While we prefer to know ahead of time, relax, we have it covered!

Do we cut and serve the wedding cake? Yes we do as a complimentary service to you. We will cut and/or set out your desserts ( because we know it’s just not cake anymore!). The cake is side boarded for guests to help themselves along with your other desserts. We will plate your desserts, please provide adequate serve ware. Coffee Station is available after dinner and thru the evening as a complimentary service.

Desserts: All cakes and pastries must come from a Monroe County Health Dept. approved bakery. NO other food or beverage items may be brought into the facility.

Dietary: In our ever changing world we are finding more allergies and sensitivities as well as life choices. We will make every effort to ensure your guests are properly prepared for. Extra fees may apply to additional menu items.

Bar Service: We generally have 2-3 Bartenders on staff. Extra hours are available for Open Bar or you may run a tab.

Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions! 585-865-7711

For information on having your event catered, as well as wedding catering services, picnics, food allergy requests or any other inquiry, reach out to Forest Hill Catering at 585-865-7711.

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